Friday, October 3, 2008

one angry mama

My dogs are my children. It's probably emotionally unhealthy to be this attached to my animals but they really are important members of our family. A lot of people I know don't really understand why I treat dogs like family... they think I'm a bit off my rocker.

Our Chihuahua is a rescue. Before she was rescued, she spent the first three years of her life in a basement with 100+ other dogs and she is, rightly so, fearful of everyone and everything (except for me). I'm very protective of her.

Really, I'd protect my dogs the way other people would protect their human offspring. The point was driven home last night when my Chihuahua had a major seizure – actually I don't know if it can be called a 'major' one but it seemed pretty massive to me at the time. It was directly and yet indirectly caused by another person who shall remain nameless (a person that I barely know) and I have never in my life been this angry at another human being. Well, except maybe my former boss at 'a large Portland-based corporation' or the asshole that broke into our house 3 times in Thailand or the Construction Fuckheads that held our property hostage for a year while they built two of THE UGLIEST houses I've ever seen, smack dab behind our home. Hmmm, I see I've strayed off-course. Rage! Rage! :)

You see, it's a really odd feeling to be this upset about 'the seizure incident'... like maybe I'm overreacting just a bit. Pure rage is a foreign emotion for me. I'm still feeling really unsettled. Disquiet.

If I dig deep, I know I'm this upset because the last time I had to deal with a pet having a seizure, was the day that Jasmine, our 17-year-old akita mix, died. The morning that she passed away, I was home alone in bed, and was awakened because she was thrashing around on the floor having a massive seizure. I carried Jasmine to the car and then sped down the road toward the vet's office... and that was that... the end of her life. It was a really tough day and last night brought all the sadness back to the fore.

I'm continuously shocked about how much I still don't know about seizures in animals. I'm getting better at recognizing a seizure, but I'm amazed at how each episode is so extremely different, depending on the dog. I learned last night that a seizure can be the end result of an animal being SCARED out of its wits... a type of panic attack or cataplexy. It's just amazing what a physical body will do in response to extreme emotional input. So much to learn.

By the way, the person who caused all this chaos has a nice bite from my dog. So, hyper-girl, let that be a freakin' lesson to you: DO NOT TOUCH MY DOG. And, I think I have the right to be this mad.


SweetLollipopShop said...

My cats are like my babies too .. I know how you feel

Anonymous said...

Oh my have every right to be mad.

I've never had a dog, so I have no idea how common it is for strangers to walk up and touch. I was taught to always ask first, cause it's the respectful thing to do.

And they are family. I have two cats, and they're 'pets' only in title. To me they're family because we live together, and depend on each other.

I provide for them a warm, safe environment. Food, toys, affection, and care. They're living, breathing organisms that have feelings and personalities like everyone else.

And kudos on the rescue. Both of mine are from shelters, and it's great to see people adopting.

Keyka said...

Sorry your dog had a seizure and that it brought up sad memories for you. I'd be very upset too. I hope both you and your puppy feel better soon and that whatever caused the seizure never happens again.

P.S. Adorable photo of your dogs sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I really like your blog and I'm tagging you! So come check out my blog and see what it's all about :)

Mayhem said...

I completely sympathize with your sadness and your rage. My dogs are my babies and my life. I love hearing about rescue dogs♥