Monday, October 27, 2008

gee, thank you!

She's almost my own personal marketing and public relations machine: I'm talking about The Ordinary Housewife; not only did she choose my blog as one of her favorites, but she also bestowed me with this lovely Kreativ Blogger Award. However, this award comes with a caveat in that I now must pass it on to 6 blogs and I must then list 6 things that I love.

Before I throw my lists at ya, can anyone out there tell me who originally created this lovely Kreativ Blogger Award? I see it has made its way around to many creative folks out there in the blogosphere. Gosh, where did it come from, how did it get here, what's its purpose on Earth, what is the meaning of its life, what Great Being created it? Ya, I was trying to be funny there in case ya missed it. But really, who started it?

Bread & Honey
Little Brown Pen
Cannelle Et Vanille
La Porte Rouge
Shanks Art
Authors Asia

Sweet Thai Delight Yogi Tea
Home Decor Magazines
California Rolls
Flowers / Foliage
Silk Soy French Vanilla Creamer


Aran said...

thanks so much heidi! you have a lovely blog here. i must go read some more!

nadia said...

Thank you, wow that is really great!!

Square Peg Guy said...

I'm looking for the origin of this award, too. So far, it seems to have been circulating since June 2008.

If you find out, please let me know. Thanks!

And congrats!