Friday, July 24, 2009


...silly little things that make me feel old(er):

1) I now get sweat on my upper lip. This never used to happen. Apparently I have finally reached the age where there is enough 'insulation' above my top lip to create an overheating situation. Mortifying.

2) It now costs 28 cents to mail a postcard (what?!). In the year I was born, a person could mail a postcard for 7 cents.

3) My feet are killing me... I'm actually considering buying Gold Bond Pain Relieving Foot Cream. Okay, people, Gold Bond makes me think of eighty-year-olds. I have nothing against senior citizens but I find that I now require a product that is probably geared toward an older demographic and that makes me feel sort of sad.

Too much information (over-share)?


nicole said...

at least you don't have vericose or spider veins! I'm 31 for crissakes!! not to mention my hangovers these days... ugh.

Lone Tree Studio said...

Mine was when my younger brother was legally old enough to drink -- he's still a baby, what are they doing letting him drink!?

Denise Fasanello said...

Hilariously true! ugh. I actually found a very fine white hair growing out of my chin last week. HORRID