Tuesday, July 7, 2009

friends who are foodies

Thank goodness for friends who are foodies. It's so nice that they appreciate food (and talk about food) as much as I do.

Here are some random food notes about my friends:

N.C. – Would drive 12 hours to Montana in order to buy salad dressing from McKenzie River Pizza and bring it back to Oregon in a cooler. Okay, slight exaggeration. A visit to friends in Montana was the main purpose of the trip... the dressing was a bonus.

T.H. – Loves tomatoes so much that she would eat one like an apple, no knife needed.

A.L. – Loves healthy food. Hates cilantro.

K.H. – Coffee!!! Enough said.

L.Q. – Can always be counted on to mention a particular food craving RIGHT when my shift starts at work and then I have to think about food while my stomach gurgles in desperation until my shift is over. Hello? Spicy Street Noodles!

S.P. – Has been to every restaurant in the Portland Metro area (I've been to 2% of them). Currently consuming Greek food in order to satisfy 'pregger' cravings. { p.s. – thanks for the peas! }

K.R. – Is passionate about Dr. Pepper. Hates sandwiches.

{ photo by: ME }


TheTinyGarden said...

What a fun idea, I don't think I know that much about my friends and family. Those beans look so refreshing, can't wait until mine start producing.

Michelle said...

I'd drive 12 hours for a good salad dressing.

This is a lovely post..


Barn House said...

Thanks for the comment...Our show is about 30 minutes NE of Portland and the Tarte show is a little south of Portland in Oregon City. There is a link on our blog. :o)

Kim, Bethany and the girls.. said...

You are too funny!!!!

nicole said...

I'm officially a foodie! I knew someone would appreciate that... and accompany on my trip!

And-Those beans look amazing. I'm hungry.

jeremy said...

J.J. Can tell you the top 5 places for Mac'n'cheese in Seattle (one of which is his kitchen).

Joy White said...

my friend D.G. makes the best hot/sweet nuts. Whenever I see her I am returning home with a little package of goodness. What a great pal!