Thursday, April 16, 2009

oxalis oxalis oxalis

I have this ongoing problem of calling certain plants by incorrect names – I'll chalk it up to a bad memory but, really, you have to admit that there are a lot of plant names out there... how are we supposed to keep them all straight?

Anyway, in my e-mail inbox today was a photo that solved a mystery for me (a photo featuring two of my fave things: a Jonathan Adler product and a COOL plant). For years, I've been incorrectly calling the plant cyclamen when it is actually oxalis. How did I mix that up?

I associate this plant with the beginning of my relationship with J. He had one of these plants when I first met him... so that's why I love oxalis. { photo: }


jane said...

I´m impressed you know any names at all. I think I can recognize a bamboo...:)

nicole said...

Hmm. I've always called that one a clover... This is why I don't eat plants when I'm out in the wilderness.

Jeanne Duncan said...

Semi-related, and maybe you know, but there's a little shop on 24th and Thurman called Oxalis. I haven't been in yet but received a clever, lovely gift from there. I think it's a typical NW PDX shop, with clever, lovely items in stock for home etc. Owned by friends of my sister's or I'd probably not know about it.