Tuesday, January 20, 2009

january 20, 2009

The adorable beast is stretched out on the back patio, taking an über-nap while basking in the sun. There is still a layer of frost on the grass in the back yard. Mini beast is curled up in her tiny pink bed, her tail wrapped ever so gently over her snout. I sit here and worry about banal things like how do you find a dvd that has been returned to the library when it should have been returned to the video store.

Things are very much the same and yet different. The sun shines on this day. The inauguration has taken place. We have changed Presidents. I have a renewed HOPE for PROGRESS and CHANGE but at the same time, my day will be just like any other. I will go to work. I will drive my car. I will go to the library. I will wonder what to make for dinner and not come up with an inspired decision.

But I do feel a certain sense of anticipation... a bit of potential energy in every breath. Will we all live up to our own grand expectations? I hope, I hope.


heidi said...

P.S. I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to say that it shouldn't take one single inauguration day to make us feel like we can change ourselves and change the world. We should always feel that we can create a better future.

My desire to be a better person exists on days like today, a day of celebration – but that desire should probably be stronger on days of mediocrity or maybe even more so on days of disaster.

I will tell you that I'm over the moon that George W has left the scene. That has brightened my outlook for sure.

lydiazoe said...

A dinner idea to be sampled before the frost is completely gone and it seems silly to eat winter things.

Bake a couple of yams (the medium to dark orange root/tuber things, which some call sweet potatoes - I can never keep straight which is which) in the oven until the flesh is soft. Remove from the oven and scoop out the inside of the potatoes. Mix what you just scooped with goat's cheese, dried cranberries (I absolutely prefer the kind sweetened with apple juice, not sugar, as they seem fresher, a little more tart and less candy-like, I get mine from the bulk section at New Seasons or the Alberta Coop) and any other goodies that just feel right. Put the mix back in the yam skins and bake or broil just long enough to get the goat's cheese all melty - careful not to burn! I suggest serving with a spinach salad and Quorn tenders/cutlets (or chicken, if you prefer).

May cause extreme pleasantness.