Thursday, January 22, 2009

breaking my own rules

You know, when I first started my blog, I made a promise to myself that I would NEVER use an image that I did not create myself. But today I made the decision that I should probably break that rule for my 'current crush' posts so you can SEE what I have a crush on (and to make my posts more interesting for you all, my dear readers).

So, once again, West Elm has more new items that I adore: my current crush is this hand-loomed striped pillow cover – actually I have a crush on both of the covers pictured above. To me, they exemplify Farmhaus Modern... the term I use to describe my personal decorating style. However, there is a moratorium on all non-essential spending in our household, so I will admire from afar. It's good that we aren't making frivolous purchases right now... I dare say we might actually (finally) have our priorities straight. (image:

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Estela said...

Those are very beautiful! I love west elm!