Friday, November 7, 2008

things left undone

I found this drawing while going through a box filled with my old illustration work. Gosh, I think I drew this over 5 years ago.

We moved into our house approximately two years ago and, sadly, I still need to unpack quite a few boxes that are in my office.

I should use the term 'office' loosely, because the particular room that should be my office is really just glorified storage at the moment. The boxes that are piled up in that room are full of beloved books, art supplies and a large collection of my old illustrations.

I have grand plans for my office space. The nasty carpet that was in the room when we bought the house has been removed but that is the only progress I have made. Maybe I will document the redecoration of my office on this blog... it might motivate me to actually get started.


Amanda said...

Hi Heidi! I would love to see the progress on your office on your blog. I certainly need some inspiration for my own sad, cluttered space. The illustration looks familiar to me. Really unique!

heidi said...

I love finding old abandoned drawings! I find my opinion changes as time wears on.