Tuesday, November 18, 2008

identity crisis

As a designer, I find that the most difficult project of all is designing one's own logo. It seems to be much easier to design for other people. I personally can never decide on just one logo concept for myself – it's my perpetual identity crisis.


nadia said...

i know, i love creating things for people. sometimes i will go to a blog and create a header for them!! but thi sis lovely!

heidi said...

Thanks Nadia! Hey – to those of you viewing this... does the color look odd to you? I checked this on the computer at work and the color was AWFUL... like crazy bright blue-green! My home computer shows nice subtle greys in the background and nice shades of avocado-green in the crest / enclosed logo.

heidi said...

I have a feeling the crazy color is due to you saving something in cmyk, instead of rgb for screen use.
As for logos... i COMPLETELY agree. This is why I redesign my logo every couple of years. And since I design logos for other people, I can get away with it ;-)
-other heidi ;-)

heidi said...

Hmmm... I actually save all my web files in RGB. Perplexing.

And just so you all know, there is another Heidi (other than me) leaving comments so I promise I'm not talking to myself (well, not at the moment anyway).

Cicada Studio said...

No truer words! I change my mind each time I have to apply my logo. It's quite frustrating! I won't even talk about how difficult a website has been... I need to hire someone for that or it will never get done.