Wednesday, August 6, 2008

a few decades behind

...speaking of being behind the times, my digital camera is basically a rock with a battery in it. It might be time for a new, fancy-pants version. I'm always setting up little photo shoots in my kitchen. I call them Kitchen Window Pics... because we all know how natural light streaming through a window can make for kick-ass lighting.

I had hoped that this photo would be crazy-clear (even used my mini tripod) but the quality is just not as good as expected. So, I choose to blame the camera and not the pin-head operating it.


Cherry Lane Jane said...

It's still a beautiful picture!

I too need a new fancy camera...mine is old as dirt and just as crummy as dirt.

Leslie said...

The photo is still beautiful!

I hear a lot of good things about the sony cyber shot. I have one & it*s so awesome! it*s 5.1 mega pixels sooooo clear.

Erika Lee Sears said...

It's a great picture but I always blame my camera also!
Erika Lee Sears

Sonja's Adornments said...

Just remember - it's not the camera that makes a great photographer! This is a wonderful photo!