Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the language of objects

... a few favorites from my out-of-control vessel collection – hmm, maybe I was a prop stylist in a former life.

I'm a little tormented by all of the objects I own; I swear to you that I don't own a ton but the things I do own can sometimes feel like a burden. The thought of ever having to pack it all up and move makes me quite nauseous.

white diamond-pattern cups: alder & co
white and blue porcelain cups: new moon studio
pale, pale blue ceramic cup: phillip ahnen


Anonymous said...

I dont know you, and you not me. The relationship that you have with this cup is the reason that i make cups. Thank you for posting, you have made my day. Phillip Ahnen

nicole said...

I **love** your stuff! most people (including me) have just ordinary stuff, they stuff you can get at an ordinary, say, WalMart or Target (ok, i don't really buy stuff from either of those places, but you know what I mean). You, my dear friend, are as beautiful and unique as all of your things! I admire that you are very selective and that you buy carefully- if it doesn't seduce you, you don't buy it. I really should take lessons from you... happy holidays.

nicole said...

...and I got goosebumps from Phillip's comment. Thank you Phillip, for making such beautiful objects.