Tuesday, December 9, 2008

blog nation

Hi y'all. I was tagged the other day by Marchi Made It and I'm playing along but in my own abbreviated way (sorry, I like to break the rules)! First and foremost, saunter on over to Marchi's blog and check out her work and her words (and make sure you check out her serene industrial photographs – they are especially nice).

The normal tagging rules require that I reveal 6 random things about myself but since I was tagged once before, I think I've already exhausted the short list of random things about me.

SO, I'm going to list FOUR things that I love about blogging:

1. You meet truly lovely people through blogging – people you would not have met otherwise.

2. Meeting people through blogging reminds me of having pen-pals – remember doing that in grade school? The whole pen-pal thing never seemed to last, but "blog-pals" don't disappear after a few weeks.

3. Blogging is my new therapy – I get better results AND I don't have to pay for it. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

4. Reading other blogs is a good way to realize that there are things in the world that I didn't know I wanted or needed, but OBVIOUSLY I needed a pair of rainboots (in black) and it took reading about them in a blog to find that out. Whew, did that make any sense?

The normal tagging rules also require that I tag 6 other bloggers but the last time I tried that I was ignored by everyone I tagged and I just can't handle that type of rejection again. :)

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Marchi Wierson said...

Thanks! I appreciate you playing along. This time of year I wasnt sure I should tag anyone given how many things people have to think about this time of year. But I like what you did with it and it was nice of you to include me.